What if the skills you are looking for were off the beaten track?
The trt agency is a foundation which targets occupational reintegration of welfare recipients.

Every year, we assist more than 600 persons, out of which 40% find a new employment.

Our employment agency works with people whose unusual career path offers a worthwhile performance potential for all types of positions, regardless of the required qualification level. We are an interface between those candidates and your company ; and provide support for internships, temporary missions or regular employee hiring.

So why not consider such resources?

Our team is proud of a high satisfaction rate among our partner companies, thanks to a personalized monitoring, intensive training program (4 to 6 months) adapted to each candidate and tailored follow-up after the recruitment through job coaching.

The ‘employment attitude’ training, cornerstone of our plan

This training aims at proving to participants that there are other ways to tackle the employment market than the traditional path, ie sending a CV, replying to published job offers… This methodology is based on a fundamental element: the information interview. Those discussions allow to confirm or invalidate, on the field, a career path thanks to the collection of information on an occupation, a sector, the must have skills… The gathered information is later analysed with the advisor to see if it makes sense to go on the chosen path or if another track should be looked for to maximize the chances of occupational reintegration.

The importance of internship in a company

Organizing a 1 to 4 week internship in a company is a key element in our plan for occupational reintegration. It allows indeed candidates not only to get in touch again with the job market but also to show their motivation and their skills; as well as open a path towards an employment offer. For companies, it is a good way to find an occasional support and/or test on the field a potential future employee.

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